Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Needs More Cow, Bell

So, Valerie has a bunch of peek-a-blocks, which are these little plastic blocks with clear sides so you can see the various items that are inside. They are sealed, however, so you can't actually open them up and play with the toys inside (which is probably annoying for a kid, but a relief for a mommy, because then there would just be that many more small parts to lose/swallow/step on). One of the blocks has a bell inside, and there are tiny slits in one end so that you can hear it ring.

Valerie also has a farm magnet set with a bunch of little magnetic farm animals, and little magnetic labels proclaiming the names of the various animals. Apparently, these little labels are just small enough to slip inside the slits of the bell peek-a-block.


Now I'm just trying to figure out if a kid did this, and it's just a ridiculous coincidence, or if an adult did it and it's deliberately ridiculous. Either way, I'm laughing. Well played.

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Anonymous said...

I think it was Jeremy!!