Monday, April 04, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Four

Well, today was a Monday. And I suck at Mondays. When I was first talking to Jeremy about HADA and I mentioned the "one day off per week" clause, he said, "You're taking Mondays off." It wasn't a question or even a suggestion. It was a statement of fact, stemming from an acute knowledge of his wife and how she works.

And yet somehow, I convinced myself that I was going to do my hour today. I took the girls to a play date, but first I made a crock-pot of beef stew for dinner. After the play date, we went to the park. We stayed for several hours, and had a nice time. So far so good. Valerie tired herself out pretty good at the park, and I started to get delusions of her falling asleep on the way home and taking a nap. That was the beginning of the decline. No nap led to cranky toddler, which led to cranky mama. Dorothy had been up quite a bit last night, so it didn't take much to topple me over into exhausted mama territory. When Jer got home from work, my visions of productivity had been eclipsed by my all-encompassing desire for sleep.

I took a nap, encouraged by the fact that dinner was already in the crock-pot, so at least I didn't have to worry about that. I woke up groggy, and yet somehow still thought I might be able to squeeze in my hour. But evenings disappear quickly, between dinner and Valerie's bedtime routine.

At nine, I threw in the towel. It felt good to take the pressure off of myself. I was due a day off anyhow, and accepting that was such a relief. I wish I had decided a little earlier in the day, so I could have relaxed a bit about it, but, lesson learned. I feel a little guilty that my fellow HADA participants seem to be getting more done than me, but I guess that can just be good motivation for me to get back on track tomorrow. Per the rules of the game that I made up, there's no giving up.

Day Four tally: 0 hours (day off)


roseleaf said...

My in-laws left yesterday, so I was all fired up to start this today, but E slept horribly last night and has napped for about 10 minutes so far today. I hate teeth. I'm still going to try to work the hour in, or I'll never get off the ground!

Jule Ann said...

You can do it! After a really poor showing yesterday, I've been uber-productive today. I started by saying, "Well, I've got a few minutes before Valerie wakes up, I'll just clean a bit for now," and the next thing I knew, my hour was done and then some!