Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Three

Today was Sunday. I had promised myself, under the rules of HADA, one day off per week. Sunday was the most logical day for this, since it's a day of rest, but I was hesitant to take a day off completely only three days into the challenge. I also really liked the idea of a floating day off, for when I start to lose steam later. So I settled on a compromise: a way to honor the spirit of the sabbath while also honoring the spirit of HADA. Today was all about doing things I normally have trouble making time for, but only those things that would be restful, uplifting, and fun.

I played in the backyard, picking up sticks and blowing bubbles with Valerie.

I sat holding Dorothy, making faces and talking to her, without trying to accomplish anything else.

I took a 2.5 hour nap.

I took a bath with Valerie.

I shaved my legs and took a bath by myself.

I finally finished the first chapter of a book I've been trying to read for several weeks.

I watched part of a documentary Jeremy wanted me to watch, and actually gave it my undivided attention.

Honestly, it feels a little too much like a day off. I'm not sure whether I should still get another day off this week. But if I need it, I'll take it.

The best part about today was how much it drove home to me the deliberateness of HADA. It's not just about being productive, it's about being deliberate about your use of time. How many hours of every day slip away, simply because I didn't choose to use them? How many hours are wasted every evening, when I know I should go to bed, but don't? How many hours are lost cycling through my regular online haunts over and over again, looking for new content? And how many otherwise beautiful moments are stripped of joy because I am thinking about what I should/could be doing instead?

Day Three tally: Well over an hour. I wasn't really counting.

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