Friday, April 01, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day One

The girls let me sleep in today, so I had no excuses. I put on my Batman shirt as motivation and resolved to get this project off to a good start.

The first thing on my list was several days worth of dirty dishes. I wasn't sure it should technically count towards HADA, because it's just daily maintenance stuff, but I set the timer anyhow, just in case I couldn't put in the full hour. I spent 20 minutes on the kitchen/dishes.

Once I put Dorothy down for her first nap, I brought down all the boxes of mail/papers from my desk that need to be sorted. One of my least favorite jobs; I figured I would tackle it first.


After 40 minutes, I still had a lot to do, and I was on a roll, so I finished the hour sorting papers. Then I spent about another 10 minutes getting to a good stopping place. I still have another box to go, but it's the oldest box, so it should go the fastest. (I much prefer to sort old mail - it's mostly bills that I already paid online, or first notices where I responded to the second notice, and the occasional expired coupon that I probably never would have used anyhow, but can now throw out guilt-free.)

Then I called State Farm and got the van we're buying added to our insurance, the Mazda taken off, and finally added renters insurance. 15 minutes.

Day One tally: 1 hour 45 minutes. And it's only 1:20 pm; I might still try to squeeze in a bit of fun productivity, like finally finishing Dorothy's birthday letter or making some play dough. No super-heroic acts, but we're off to a pretty good start!



bluebird16 said...

I put in my hour, but started with the jobs I never get around to. Which means I haven't tackled the regular tidying stuff which is a bit out of control at the moment (Jeff was away for work all week). So I still need to get the dishes and tidying taken care of. I've also done a lot of laundry today but I've decided that for me washing and drying teh laundry don't count towards my hour a day, only folding and putting it away can count, since that's the part I rarely get to. In fact, tomorrow's hour will probably mostly be trying to get the remainder of last week's laundry folded and put away in addition to the 3 loads I'm doing today. It's either learn to put away laundry or buy more baskets.


roseleaf said...

My in-laws are visiting this week, so I won't be starting HADA in earnest until Monday. *sigh* But after that, no excuses!

Trish said...

What a great first day! You GO GIRL!!