Monday, April 18, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Eighteen

I tried to get in an hour today, in spite of it being Monday, but Dorothy threw up her morning feeding, we canceled our trip to the Please Touch Museum, we canceled our plans to see friends, and we hunkered down for a too-much-TV day. It was a pretty lousy day. Neither of the girls are feeling well, Dorothy wasn't napping well, and Valerie's whining was really getting to me. When Jer got home from work, I took a long nap. Valerie fell asleep while we were serving her dinner, and she napped for a bit before waking up crying and saying her ear hurt. She seems fine now, but if she's no better tomorrow, we may be calling the doctor.

All that whining to say, Monday is my day off, and I should never have pretended otherwise. I did manage to start in on some sorting (tops of dressers), but only logged about 15 minutes before the day went to crap. Some other day this week, I can count 45 minutes as my hour. I'm just praying that we'll all wake up a little bit happier and a little bit healthier tomorrow. It's supposed to rain, so maybe the girls will even sleep in.

Day 18 tally: Day off. (15 minutes of flex time to use later in the week.)

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