Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Five

Today was awesome. Dorothy and I woke up at about 7, and she played happily near me on the bed while I knocked out my first 30 minutes. I wore my Batman shirt again, because it seemed to help last time. Whatever works, right? I had decided that I wanted to make visible progress today. Sorting paperwork is all well and good, but the results don't smack you in the face whenever you walk by. So this morning, I started to work my way across our bedroom floor. Putting away clothes, putting dirty clothes in the laundry, packing up winter stuff, picking up trash and miscellaneous bits and bobs. I threw in one load of laundry, although that barely made a dent in Mount Laundry, which always doubles in size when I pick up our room.

Then Dorothy wanted my attention, so I nursed her and played with her for a bit. Then we went back upstairs, and I tried to squeeze in a few more minutes of cleaning before Valerie woke up.

Valerie slept in until 9, so I managed to get my whole HADA hour in. Before 9 am! It's funny how becoming a parent changes you, or maybe it's just getting older. I have never ever been a morning person. I'm still not sure I am. I don't wake up early unless I have to. But my energy levels drain so quickly as the day progresses, the morning really is the most productive part of my day. I need to remember that. I used to be able to put things off as long as possible, and the pressure of the "last minute crunch" would give me the strength and stamina I needed to pull it off, whatever "it" might be (from writing a paper to packing up my dorm room). But now, I just seem to crumble under that pressure, and do nothing. Apparently, my 30-something, mom-of-two self works a little differently. I have to use that morning energy, before the day starts to drag me down.

Not that the "last minute crunch" isn't still a motivator. A friend of mine was coming over this morning, and my living room was a mess. I knew she wouldn't care (she has three kids of her own, ages 4, 2, and newborn), but I thought it would be nice to tidy up a bit before she got here. I set Valerie up with some play dough in the kitchen and started to pick up the living room. My friend was running late, so I just kept picking up a few more things, and a few more things. By 11, my living room was spotless. (Just in time for three 2 to 4 year olds to destroy it again!)

While my friend was here, I folded that one load of laundry and sorted the final box of paperwork from Day One. I still have a long way to go on the bedroom, but I can actually access my dresser now, which is pretty cool. (It's at the bottom left of the before picture. I forgot to take a progress picture today while it was still light out.) I know that not every day will be like today, but I'm starting to see this hour-a-day thing really make a difference. I'm actually excited that there are still so many more days to go!

Day Five tally: 1 hour cleaning room, 2ish hours cleaning living room, 45 minutes sorting papers and folding laundry. Total: 3 hours 45 minutes.


roseleaf said...

I finally joined in! The main things I want to get done in my hour a day are basic housework, writing projects, and the household budget. Today, I worked on the budget for 25 minutes before E needed my attention, then I got in another 30 minutes this evening. For another 10 minutes, I shredded some of the pile of papers that need to be shredded, and I wrote a letter that I've been meaning to write for a long time. Thanks for the motivation! This wasn't outstanding productivity, but it was nice to find that I do have the ability to get stuff done, and that I can make the time to do it!

nivchek said...

me too me too

I want to join.

where can I sign up? L-)