Monday, April 11, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Eleven

In case you missed last Monday's installment of HADA, let me bring you up to speed: I suck at Mondays. Today started on an especially bad note. Normally, Dorothy wakes up about an hour or so before Valerie, so I have that hour to hang out with Dorothy and get stuff done. This morning, Valerie woke up about half an hour before Dorothy's wake-up time. Starting Monday morning extra tired = extra awesome.

As I sat wallowing in my morning grumpiness, trying to figure out how on earth I would find the motivation to do my hour today, I suddenly remembered something: I have Mondays off. Sweet!

As soon as I made that decision, my day turned around. It was a gorgeous day (One degree shy of breaking a 120-year-old heat record! The hottest day since before Dorothy was born!), so we went to the park. We blew bubbles and ate sand. It was a great day.

And then, this evening, I managed to sell the Mazda. Hooray! Selling the car was super-stressful for me, as it was something I have never done and have no frame of reference for, and have been putting off dealing with. And I told a friend that, if I managed to sell the car today, I would revoke today's "day off" status. But I think I will leave it, for now at least, because I really need to get back on track. Tomorrow, I finish the bedroom floor!

Day Eleven tally: day off (unless selling the car counts)

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EarthenForge said...

You sold the Mazda already - amazing!! Congrats!

Also, I love reading your HADA posts! I mean, I enjoy your posts in general, but it's fun now that you're posting every or almost every day. It's like a little treat at the end of the day - lets see what my friend, a real world mom, achieved today! Keep fighting the good fight!