Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Ten

Ever since we moved to Philadelphia, I've been meaning to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival. It might not be as big as the one in Washington DC, but it's right on my door step, so I really have no excuse to have missed it for five years in a row. I was just thinking last night that the cherry blossoms were pretty much in full bloom, so I went online to find out when the Cherry Blossom Festival was this year. It turns out it was today. I checked the weather, and it looked good, so we decided to go. Something that I've been meaning to do for five years seemed to fit the definition of HADA pretty well.

We asked around at church this morning to see if we could convince anyone to go with us. The Ashleys took us up on it. We had a fantastic time. I wore Valerie on my back for most of the time, so I got a pretty darned good workout in today, too. Traffic was brutal on the way there, but it's not so bad when you resign yourself to it ahead of time. It was worth it, because the blossoms were beautiful. We got to see Taiko drumming and we got free chopsticks and we took pictures and we pondered the transient nature of life. And Valerie slept in the car on the way home, which is the badge of a good day.

(Full photo set on Flickr)

Day Ten tally: Um, five hours or so, I guess.

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