Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Nine

Saturdays are proving to be extremely hard for me for HADA. When you get up on Saturday morning, it seems like you have the whole day ahead of you to get things done, so you don't rush, and the next thing you know, all that time has slipped through your fingers. Now, I have learned this week that I had better seize any spare moments I get in the first few hours of the day, because they get harder to seize as the day progresses. My husband wasn't here with me to learn that lesson during the week, so he didn't understand why I was acting with any degree of urgency on a leisurely Saturday morning. I wonder if he understood when he went up to bed a few minutes ago and the clothes that needed to be put away earlier today were still stacked on the bed.

It wasn't a fruitless day. I wasn't great about looking at the clock, but I'm pretty sure I got in my hour. (Note to self: Get an actual stopwatch next time you want to embark on a challenge that requires the timing of activities.) I did three more loads of laundry (Mount Laundry is now barely a molehill!) and I made a bit more progress on the bedroom, including weeding out a big pile of clothes to donate. I moved the Christmas tree to the storage locker in the basement, and the baby swing to the van, so it can go to church with us tomorrow. I took out the paper recyclables, and I found my little scale diagrams of the bedrooms and furniture so I could play around with potential new arrangements for if/when we trade bedrooms with the girls. (Aside: It looks like we will be able to fit our bed, the sidecarred crib, two dressers, and a desk in the smaller room, which is totally manageable.) I also finally posted the Mazda for sale on craigslist (which made me sadder than I thought it would - that was the first car I ever bought myself).

Anyhow, I think that adds up to about an hour. I also went to karate class this morning, watched several episodes of Glee on Netflix, and went to a family birthday party this evening, so it was a very full day. Come to think of it, I'm actually pretty tired, and I ought to be in bed. You know, after I move that pile of clean clothes that are folded and stacked on the bed.

Day Nine tally: 1 hour or so, I think.

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