Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Sixteen

Well, I think today is my first failure at HADA. But, then again, I did manage to sell my car on my day off on Monday, so maybe I will just call today the day off this week.

I woke up early and went to karate class at 8:30. That doesn't count, though, because I actually have been doing pretty well at going to karate twice a week ever since I went back after maternity leave. I came home and took a nice, long shower. That totally should count. It's amazing how quickly motherhood moved showers from the "necessity" column to the "luxury" column. I also managed to strip the beds and put the sheets in the wash. Then we went to Nana and PopPop's house. Then we went to a birthday party for a three-year-old friend from church. Then we went to another birthday party for my one-year-old niece. Then we came home at about 8 pm. Both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home. (Aside: When we went to carry the sleeping girls into the house, they were holding hands in their sleep. Aww.)

Jeremy carried Valerie upstairs to put her to bed. Then he carried her back downstairs and set her on the couch. Remember that bit where I said I put the sheets in the wash? And then we were out of the house for the rest of the day? Oops.

I found a spare set of sheets for Valerie's bed, and she got to watch some Pingu while I made her bed. The sheets to our bed are in the dryer right now. Hopefully they will be done soon.

I also took a few minutes to put the boy clothes in boxes/bags to bring to the parents of boys at church tomorrow. I might read a bit of my La Leche League book if I don't fall asleep waiting for the dryer.

Day 16 tally: Shower: Stripping and remaking beds, washing sheets: 20 minutes. Packing up hand-me-downs: 10 minutes. Total: 30 minutes. Unless I manage to read for half an hour, I think I will have to call this a day off.


Trish said...

I think having two b-day parties in one day should count for something! I have stripped our beds and forgotten the sheets until going to bed a number of times. Why is it always on those days when we just want to go to bed!? You're still doing SO awesome at HADA, and I think today had it's hour in there somewhere!

nivchek said...

For some reason, HADA is making it interesting to read about domestic chores on a blog. Usually that is a boring thing to blog about, but you have added a dramatic twist, which makes quite a difference!