Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Valerie Quotes

Since I'm on a Facebook hiatus, I thought I would share some recent Valerie quotes here. Enjoy!

"I can do even bigger miracles. I can change hell so that it's nice. And then I'll change the name to Monkeyland."

V: (Watching The Wizard of Oz) This is kinda like the Wizard of Oz
JA: This IS the Wizard of Oz
V: No, I mean the Strawberry Shortcake Wizard of Oz!
JA: (laughing) Yes, it probably is like that
V: Except this one is all gray

"I just realized something! Poops and toots are related!"

"Alright everybody, blast your seat belts!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Drawing by Valerie, aged almost-four

"Valerie, can you tell me about this drawing?"
"It's a TV, and the TV's ear, and that's the show, and the TV is giving the humans cucumbers. Oh, and the TV has feet."