Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Non-Political Post

I haven't been very political lately. When I started this blog, I occasionally went on feminist or socialist rants, but lately, it's been much more of a "this is what I've been doing lately" blog. Some days, I feel like I should be saying something more important, but frankly, the internet is full of people with opinions, and only one person living my life. Not that my life is anything extraordinary, but one of the greatest compliments I have ever received on my blog was being told that it was like being in the room with a good friend. So, I guess I don't blog to be heard so much as to connect. And when I go through dryish spells like I have been on lately, I don't miss the exposition as much as the connection. So, I might not have anything deep to say, but here I am, saying it.

I've noticed that I go through cycles in my thinking, which reflects in my writing. Not too long ago, I went through a very introspective phase, and blogged a lot about internal issues. Quite a while before that, I went through a political phase, and every item in my news feeds seemed to spark some kind of political rant (be grateful that I only wrote a fraction of them down.) Since then, I have actually deleted all my news feeds, because I found myself not caring about what I was reading, let alone being inspired to write about them. And today, when at least four people on my blogroll wrote about the Mooninite bomb scare, I just kindof shrugged my shoulders, unsurprised and not inspired to rant in the least. I already knew America was stupidly paranoid. Sure, there are days when, although you already knew the sky was blue, the sheer, beautiful, blue, brilliance of a certain day's sky inspires you to write about it. But not today. The sky is actually kindof gray today. Don't worry, though, my political junkie friends, I'm sure I will cycle back through my political ire phase again at some point.

Until then, here is a brief housekeeping note and a pointless anecdote.

I've been getting a lot of spam comments on this blog lately. In and of themselves, they aren't all that annoying, but when I check my inbox and see that seven people commented on my blog, it gets my hopes up, and I feel loved, and I get all excited to see what people said, and then it's such a let down to discover that, no, in fact, seven robots spammed my blog, attempting to incite my readers to purchase cialis or viagra. It's also just plain tedious to go through and delete them. So, I've turned on word verification, which I realize is extremely annoying, but it's better than not allowing anonymous comments, because I know some of my readers don't have blogs of their own, and I am such a comment junkie that I would like to make it possible for the greatest number of non-robot people to give me feedback on what they have read. Stupid robots don't even click on my ads.

So, Kate recently blogged about her new schedule, which includes working out every day except Sunday, and how she did Tae-Bo as part of this new schedule. And it almost inspired me to start a workout schedule of my own. Almost, but not quite. Because I have gotten quite wary of new regimes for my life. I'm an excellent self-motivator if, say, someone else is paying me or grading me on the results of my motivation. But I am terrible at things like self-imposed fitness regimes. New year's resolutions for me usually last about a month, and the last time I tried to read the Bible in a year, I think I kept it up for about three months (which was probably a record for me, actually). That rule of thumb that doing something for three weeks makes it a habit? Not true.

Last year, I decided to set myself a short enough timeline for a fitness regime that I might actually carry it through to completion. Forty days of exercising every day - nothing elaborate, just something every day. Forty days is nothing, right? I could do that. I think I lasted two weeks. Perhaps part of my problem is that I am an all-or-nothing sort of person, so if I miss one day, I throw in the towel completely, rather than simply getting back in the groove the next day. But that's a rant for another day, when I am in a more introspective blogging mood. I promised a pointless anecdote.

I woke up this morning, and I saw my Tae-Bo DVD sitting on the coffee table, and I thought of Kate and her fitness regime, and I decided to start a fitness regime of my own that I knew I could follow through. I decided to put in the DVD, and do the workout. Once. Every day, for one entire day. And I did it, and it felt good, and now I'm going to go celebrate with a shower.


The Bloggiest Blog You Ever Did See said...

I once thought of creating two blogs--one for silliness and one for serious stuff. Then I got lazy and just posted my scant serious posts in my silly blog. Now I just read other blogs, feel guilty about not being a more regular poster to my own blog, and eat Red Delicious apples. They are, for my money, the best eating apple (though not so good in a pie). I did laugh when I saw a big picture of the Mooninites on, though. Instead of making me worried about the state of American paranoia it made me want to break out my Aquateens dvds. As to fitness... whether it is fit as a fiddle or fat as a cello, as long as we stay true to our inner stringed instruments we'll be fine.

susie said...

Yeah I think life is a series of cycles for me too.

Kate said...

Regime...that might be a strong word. So far this week, I've exercised every day, but only once feels like it was for serious. Did yoga today. 30 minutes of yoga is a lot faster and less painful than 30 minutes of Tae-bo.

It doesn't hurt that I have Jordan around to keep me accountable. He's also trying to get back in the habit of exercising, so we can encourage each other. It's also nice that he doesn't think I need to lose weight...I love how blind boys are.

jd said...

hmmmmm....sounds like someone else you and I know very well..are these kinds of things genetic?!

Erin said...

YAY! I like the word anecdote, and antidote, they are good words. They are like Q's... my favorite letter of the alphabet. It's almost an O but there's a tail. Antidote is a nice round word. Anecdote is almost round but there is that "Eck" sound in the middle. It's like a tail on a Q.

(No I am 100% sober right now, thank you!)

jon said...

as the leader of the new fitness regime, i will be reinstituting a regular regimen of running. my name is jon, and i like alliteration and making fun of people who mix up words.

hamameliss said...

I think that truly good habit change takes at least 6 months, though sometimes it doesn't even occur then, becuase when stress comes along, "poof" it's all gone again.

Anonymous said...

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more political blogs, rants and raves needed I say, Yep!

jd said...

You spelled grey the American way!