Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hour-a-Day April: Days 30-31

Day 30 (Wednesday): Day off. I know, I know, taking the day off on the last day of the month is pretty lame. But I wasn't feeling well, and I was due. I'll make up for it by pretending April has more than 30 days.

Day 31 (Thursday): I had a mommy group in the morning, and it was a potluck, so I baked some bread in the morning to bring. I also ran some errands on the way home. Then, determined to cross at least one home decor project off my HADA list, I installed a piece of pegboard to use as a reconfigurable photo wall in an awkward space between two doorways. It wasn't exactly a major project, but it did take about 2 hours, because I wanted it to be nice and sturdy. Ultimately, I would like it to be crowded with pictures, so you can barely see the holes, but that can happen later. That's the beauty of a pegboard - nothing is set in stone, and you can always change it up later just by repositioning the hooks. I still have three more scrap pieces of pegboard from my third floor babyproofing project - I wonder how many more I can install before April is over?