Saturday, February 17, 2007

I blame the silliness of this post on the new Blogger format

So, Starbucks is doing this thing right now where you can put your favorite customized drink on a T-shirt (if you're fast enough to click submit immediately after 10 am PST and get one of the very few they are handing out, that is). Not all of the modifications are available, but there are quite a few fun variations. And, because I am a geek, I've been amusing myself by trying to make impossible drink combinations (even though I had to boot into Windows and use IExplore to make the darned thing work). Here is my favorite so far:

Go, my bored internet friends, see what you can come up with. And, if you happen to score a shirt with a freakish drink on it, you would be my hero.

In other news, this head cold that took hold of me on Wednesday, and knocked me almost completely out on Friday seems to be on its way out. Thank goodness I finally figured out how to acquire proper Sudafed. Stupid DayQuil being made with some other useless decongestant now...

Speaking of meth addicts, I had this conversation with a friend the other day:

(18:47:56) ragingchihuahuaX: Ta Da! You're ahead of somebody! :-P
(18:51:17) jule aka b: honestly, though, they're ahead of me
(18:51:28) jule aka b: they have zero net worth
(18:51:34) jule aka b: mine is negative
(18:51:37) ragingchihuahuaX: lol
(18:51:51) ragingchihuahuaX: no, you are not permitted to turn my meth addict joke into self-depreciation
(18:51:55) jule aka b: hahaha
(18:52:01) jule aka b: plus, they have METH
(18:52:19) ragingchihuahuaX: they're the reason you can't buy Sudafed easily anymore
(18:52:30) ragingchihuahuaX: imagine being that hated?
(18:52:37) jule aka b: um
(18:52:41) jule aka b: i'm a LAWYER
(18:52:49) ragingchihuahuaX: lol
(18:53:00) ragingchihuahuaX: I think lawyers are ahead of meth addicts, seriously
(18:53:08) jule aka b: hmm
(18:53:13) jule aka b: perhaps i should ask the internet

So, Internet, which is it? Who is more hated, meth addicts or lawyers?


Anonymous said...

My fav is a white mocha, half the syrup shot, skim, extra shot expresso, no whip. Mmmmm good stuff!

I wouldn't know about crazy. maybe toffee rasberry? yuck.

twilighttreader said...

Oh gods, I just had a horrible thought... what about meth-addict lawyers!? Who sell puppies and kittens for black-market pseodophedrine?

Emily said...

Brian and I discussed it and since Noah was sort of a meth addict we're going to have to say we hate lawyers. We can't very well hate our own, I mean toddler. Did I mention that he's walking? Woo hoo!

Tim said...

all of your ads are about meth lab cleanup today :)

you should totally write about something completely random every day, just so we all have the pleasure of clicking on the corresponding ads :)

timollie said...

Woohoo - I just got in!
The post about the shirts has actually been on my freebie boards for about a week, I've got a post-it here at work to remind me to try every day at 1pm :)
I'll work on getting one for Tim next :)