Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Monday (doo dumm dum doo ditty dum)

Where has the time gone? I last posted on a Tuesday, which seems to be my most common posting day for some bizarre reason, which I happened to notice because I am a big nerd, and here I am on a Monday with almost a whole week between posts. So where have I been?

Nowhere exciting, unfortunately. For two days this week, I found myself in a Food Safety Certification workshop learning all about what internal temperature poultry must be cooked to (165 degrees) and how many parts per million a quaternary ammonium solution has to be at in order to be used as a sanitizing solution (200ppm). Then I took an exam, which I will find out in several weeks whether I passed or not.

Wednesday night, I drove to Erin's house to do something interesting. We didn't really come up with anything to do, though, so we just cut Stuart's hair and then I went home. Thursday night we tried again, and this time we had more time to play with because none of us had to get up early for work on Friday, so we went bowling and to a diner. At exactly the same time that we were driving to the bowling alley, a freak snowstorm hit the area where we were. It was one of those Buffalo-style, can't see two feet in front of you, zero traction on the road, dumping six inches in 30 minutes, crazy snowstorms. But an hour and a half later, when we left the bowling alley, the snow had stopped falling, and the snow had all shriveled to a shiny, slick coating on the roads that made getting lost on the way to the blue route all the more treacherous. But, I managed to break 100 two games in a row, which might not sound like much, but is pretty big deal for someone who generally scores in the 70-80 range. I give the credit to Wii bowling for improving my game.

Friday night one of the ladies I work with had a little gathering at her place for people from work. It was a lot of fun, especially since her idea of "light snacks" was more food than I have ever seen in one place in my life. And all of it tasty. Fun times were had, then I pretended I was a young, hip, popular person and made my way to my second party of the evening, which actually ended up being more of a "help Jon assemble furniture then watch TV" gathering, which was totally cool with me. Even stupid television is entertaining in HD. Oh, and with good company. Yeah, them too.

I worked on Saturday, though, and I worked again after church on Sunday, so the excitement of my week petered out into a fairly routine weekend. Which, frankly, is quite all right with me. The fact that normal people have the same two days off every week almost comes as a shock to me, now, as I have become so accustomed to my shifting work schedules. It's kindof nice, though, because it has allowed me to break out of the pattern of putting things off until the weekend, only to remember, when the weekend arrives, that it's not actually my weekend, and I need to find the energy for fun and work and still find time to sleep before the day is out. Going out on a Thursday night and sleeping in on a Friday is perfectly alright with me. Especially when it involves freak snowstorms.


jon said...

my replacement wii sports disc is in the mail. whee!

tim said...

you had better specify that temperature as °C so someone doesn't die of salmonella

susie said...

Wow, two parties in one night. Oh how I miss those days..sometimes :) Right now I am lucky if I get out of the house once a day.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you got throught the freak snowstorm ok...every time i think that i know how to drive in one of throws me for a loop and i end up in a ditch somewhere....