Saturday, January 06, 2007


So, I finally got my AdSense check. Which means I'm actually being paid now, however little, to do this blog thing. Ironic that I would become a delinquent blogger just then, isn't it?

To be fair, I have been busy. As long as people leave their Christmas lights up, it's still the holidays, right? And if it's still the holidays, then I'm still allowed to do crazy things like stay out half the night, right? Of course it's absolutely gorgeous outside right now, which means that no one will have any excuse to not go out and take down their Christmas lights this weekend. So next week, I'll have to come up with a different excuse for being delinquent.

I think I'm going to go with having a cell phone. Especially a cell phone that allows me to call my five favorite people for free. It makes an already impulsive Jule Ann that much more impulsive. Like Monday night, for example, when a few phone calls resulted in a spontaneous party of eight at my house. Or Tuesday night, when I checked my voice mail on my way home from work and discovered that Dan had books for me, and I was in the car anyhow, so I might as well go pick them up. Or when I called Erin on my way home from Dan's house with books, and decided that she should spend the night at my house, because a quick conversation about going out sometime resulted in plans to go to a rather monochromatically-themed club on Wednesday night, which necessitated a thrift store tour of a neighboring suburb on a quest for clothing in said color scheme, and she had no way of getting to my house, so it made the most sense to go pick her up then on the other side of the city, since I was in the car anyhow, and her family was on their way to a diner for a 1:00 am dinner, so I might as well join them, too. And when I found leather pants for $2, I just had to buy high-heeled boots to go with them. Okay, I guess I can't blame the cell phone for that last one.

Anyhow, I had a blast on Wednesday night, although I didn't get any pictures of myself in my get-up. And Thursday night I slept in, and then worked, and Friday I worked all day then hung out with some work friends at night. So I have been busy, and I love my new cell phone, and I apologize for the blogging delinquency and all of the run-on sentences which I pretend are justified because they embody a sense of frenzied busyness. And now, I have to go to work, where I will probably be making lots and lots of frappuccinos because of the unseasonably warm weather.


jd said...

I'm glad you got your cheque!
But again I say, why are the only ads to the left of your recent blog only to do with Chanukah and Hanukah??!!

jon said...

all of the ads i see have to do with getting out of credit card debt. i told you google ads were going insane. right now it is advertising a hydrodemolition video on youtube next to one of my emails. absolutely bananas.