Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Due for a change

Some people cut their hair every four weeks, in order to always maintain the exact same look. Some people never cut their hair, in order to always maintain essentially the same look. I cut my hair about once every six months, in order to be able to change it as dramatically as possible each time. And, in honor of my birthday, I dyed it, too.

This is just washed and dried, because I will need to be wearing a hat for work today, and spiking the back up with gel seemed impractical for hat wearing (although it did look very cool last night when the hairdresser spiked it up). It's nice to know that it works both ways, because I've never been a big fan of overly high maintenance hair.

The only problem is that now I think I need a new style of glasses. My brainy-lawyer wire-framed ones don't quite fit with this haircut. That's okay, though, I'm due for a new pair. My insurance buys me one a year, and I haven't claimed one yet.

P.S. A note on my photographs, mostly for the benefit of Liana, who asked. I have two cameras: One is a four-year-old digital camera that was bottom-of-the-line when we bought it. It's a 2 megapixel Olympus. My film camera is an old-school, fully manual Minolta SLR (SRT101). When I develop film, I usually order the photo CD thing so that I can post pictures here easily. As a general rule of thumb, any timely pictures (like today's) were taken on the digital, and any even remotely good pictures that are posted weeks late were taken on the Minolta. I also, on occasion, have borrowed my father-in-law's digital camera when I want both decent pictures and instant gratification. I suppose I should make a note of what camera is used when I post pictures, but I'm lazy.

P.P.S. Clicking on my ads would be a lovely birthday present!


twilighttreader said...

Pretty sure emo-kid glasses would go best with that haircut (which is very cool, btw)... simultaneously young, hip, and brainy.

Phil said...

Ahhh... bedhead! Not in the bad way, but in the stylish way.

susie said...

I love you hair cut and color. Happy Birthday to you!!!

timollie said...

love it - one of my favorites of yours in a while :)
Looking forward to seeing it in person next week!

Happy Birthday!

EarthenForge said...

Great hair! :D

Happy Birthday!

Your Mom Prints Zines said...

love it. I just got my hair cut today too! it's that time of year, i suppose!

Jawndoejah said...

Very fun hair!

You like dreams, I have one in my lj...I'd love to hear your take. It's weird squared.


Hamameliss said...

Yep, the haircut thing must be going around. I just got mine cut last week (for the first time in 1.5 yrs...eeek!)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday! The hair cut looks great.

Sarah said...

Your haircut looks fantastic! Very Jule Ann. Love the colour too.

jd said...

Coloured your hair? Oh no! Here we go again! But I DO like the style!

jenB said...

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p.s. great hair!
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