Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Belated Picture Post

So, after about three phone calls from the pharmacy to let me know that my pictures were ready to be picked up, I finally remembered to pick up that roll of film I dropped off to be developed in November. Since I spent the extra couple bucks on the photo CD, I thought I would post a few of them here.

Remember that trip to New Hampshire I blogged about back in November? Here are some pictures of my friends taking little plastic dolls very seriously competing in the DnD miniatures tournament.




Remember that Guy Fawkes bonfire I also blogged about back in November? Here are some pictures of that, too.

Guy's effigy about to be burned:

Almost incinerated (perfect for marshmallows!):

Fire close-up:


Phil said...

I'm so full of action, the camera could barely capture my essence.

jd said...

That fire "feels" really good right now...it's -16 C. (2 F.)!!

EarthenForge said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for posting them!

wrath said...

Holy crap, New Hampshire turned glen into a hippy..

It does that everyone. see my brother and his granola beard.

Liana said...

Hey - I'm looking into buying a new camera -- I like your shots- what kind of camera do you have?
Help me Jule Anne!