Thursday, November 02, 2006

Finally getting around to updating about my weekend in New Hampshire...

I went to New Hampshire this weekend with three of my friends. We went to visit Dan, who owns a games store, and his lovely wife Sara. We also managed to drag Tim into the mix, who lives about an hour away from them, and Glen, who came for the tournament and then slept until work, but with whom we still managed to squeeze in a few conversations. It was a wonderfully social weekend.

Naturally, our trip included many games. Jon dropped Phil and Rachel and I off at Dan's store at about 3 pm, and headed off to visit his brother a little further north. Actually, it was his trip to start with, the rest of us just invited ourselves along because it was a free trip to the area, and with gas prices the way they are today, that is nothing to scoff at. We actually didn't see Jon again until he picked us up on Sunday, despite several attempts to get together. I'm sure he had a fantastic time with his brother and his family, but he missed out on, among other things:

  • Hanging out at Dan's store for several hours on Friday, waiting for Sara to get off of work, and playing every game we could find that was not sealed in shrink wrap.

  • Several hours of Mario DDR.

  • A game of twister in which I managed to draw blood with my toenail. (I'm sorry Tim! I cut them as soon as I got home!)

  • Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. (Phil and I won by a hair.)

  • A D&D miniatures tournament at the store that Rachel and I decided not to compete in due to our absolute ignorance of the game, thinking that the small triumph we might win for our gender by representing them in the tournament (which ended up having a 0:23 ratio of females to males), would entirely be trumped by our losing dramatically in every single round of competition. Instead, we watched a few rounds, then went shopping during the last couple of rounds, in order to further entrench the stereotype that we had chosen not to upend.

  • A viewing of The Gamers, which was hilarious even for someone like me who has not yet roleplayed (campaign with Rachel et al still forthcoming). It's basically a group of guys playing through a campaign and acting out what's happening - with elf-ears and costumes and everything!

  • A late night board game mash-up combining children's building blocks and pictionary. Hours of entertainment!

  • Loads of tasty food. Ginger/Wasabi Wings!

All in all, a great trip. And so great to have friends like Dan and Sara who don't even flinch when three friends spring a spontaneous weekend visit on them. Hooray!

(Pictures, as usual, are still preserved in a celluloid state until I get to a proper film-developing-place. Fixing our digital camera is still somewhere on my to-do list. Apparently not at the top.)


Anonymous said...

A couple hours in a game store sounds like a lot of fun!
(I would sign in to leave a comment but I don't remember my password)

EarthenForge said...

Pictionary with blocks is now one of my absolute favorite games. I have the first part, but now I need to aquire a set of building blocks. Preferably a set that includes that crucial orange rectangle.

jon said...

rub it in, rub it in, rub it in.