Monday, November 06, 2006

Twisted Baby Names Winners!

It's time to announce the winners for the Twisted Baby Names (With Normal Nicknames) Competition! Thanks to everyone who submitted entries; I had a lot of fun reading them all. And really, isn't the internet there purely for my entertainment?

Winners were selected based on three criteria: One, how normal the nicknames were, two, how dark and twisted the baby names were, and three, how much I laughed when I read them. You'll note that these criteria are entirely subjective. It's like Apples to Apples, but I always have the green cards!

Grand Prize Winner:
Diane... Die in a Fire
(Submitted by: Brian)
Your prize is a badge that you can print out and wear proudly on your jacket.

(In submission order; I'm too lazy for rankings.)
  1. Barb... Barbarian (jd)

  2. Helen... Hellspawn (twilighttreader)

  3. Cate... Fornication (twilighttreader)

  4. Vivian... Vivisection (twilighttreader)

  5. Phil...Necrophiliac (Your Mom Prints Zines)

  6. Mort... Mortician (Phil)

  7. Hal... Halitosis (submitted twice, but first by Phil)

  8. Ginny...Genitalia (Your Mom Prints Zines)

  9. Di...Diarrhea (Your Mom Prints Zines)

  10. Titus...Hepatitis (Your Mom Prints Zines)

Your prize is also a badge that you can print out and wear on your jacket. (None of you non-winners better be printing this badge out and wearing it! I'll know! I installed a special tracking program on the image and it will tell me if any non-winners try to print it out and wear it!)

Unique Prize:
Judges are used to attempts at bribery. It comes with the territory. But when someone attempts to bribe you in spite of the fact that they never even submitted an entry in the first place, well, that's just ridiculous.
This badge is for Jon:


Phil said...

Boo! Hiss! It's fixed!

How is Galactorrhea (Gail) not twisted??

I call shenanigans!

jon said...


Brian said...


Phil said...


Re-count! Re-count! Re-count!

I will fight this to the Supreme Court!

Jule Ann said...

Dear Phil,
What part of "entirely subjective" do you not understand? Are you going to behave, or am I going to have to revoke your runner up prize? I can do that, you know. Because this is my blog, and not a democracy. I am king of this contest! Bow before me! Or, er, better luck next time.

Phil said...

phil <3 dictionaries

Sorry... i'll behave - but
hear me out! have you
ever invested your time into a
nonsensical past-time? i have
a few that i've put time into.
none of them are particularly
interesting. some of them are
good... while some of them
are questionable, but they are
never without reasons, though they
sometimes may be strange.

Jule Ann said...


Never did I question your creativity,
every submission was valued, but I
ruled others more funny, and galactorrhea
didn't win. (Nice comment, though.)

Phil said...

It's okay. I'll just punch brian until i feel better.

susie1998 said...

Congratulations to the winners. I would have made my own entry but you would have had to make a badge just for me. It would have read: "Jule Ann wishes I was witty"!!