Sunday, November 05, 2006

Confession Time

On my way to church this morning, "Sympathy for the Devil" came on the radio. I chuckled at the irony, and turned the volume up, because I really do like that song. After it was over, the next song that came on was a cover of "Sympathy for the Devil." Apparently it's a double cover weekend or something like that. It was a really good cover, though, so I left the volume up. When I got to church, the song was almost, but not quite finished, and they hadn't yet announced who the cover band was, and I was really curious, and I sat there with my car running outside the church, and waited for the song to finish so that I could find out who was doing the cover.

(It was Guns and Roses.)


Anonymous said...

Guns and Roses did a good cover of something? I'm shocked.


Anonymous said...

Guns and Roses being brilliant and intelligent band/music/lyrics, just goes to show what a deke and
sliveen joe job Justin is,kicking back on the pogie with some dec BC hydro and a forty pounder wearing his bunny hug to fit in with the buckle bunnies out in cowtown, wouldn't even look good in a tuque as a puck bunny in smogtown.
-From an Allophone Ho-town Canuck in Bytown.- guess who?