Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back from a bit of a blogging break

Boy, it's a good thing I didn't try and do NaBloPoMo. It's been over a week without a proper post, and it's not like I was even away or anything. Although I did work a fair amount last week, which explains part of my absence, because of that whole "don't blog about work" thing. But that's only a partial excuse, because I somehow managed to score four days off in a row, of which today is the fourth, and I haven't said anything of note in any of those four days off. So much for that excuse.

Let's see what we've missed in those four days:

Saturday morning, I had worship team practice at the church. I'm feeling a little more confident, which I think is key to keeping good rhythm, although I always seem to sound better at practice than in church. I like being a part of the worship team, however, and hope that Dan was only joking when he said that practice doesn't make perfect with drums. I would like to get better, and I don't think going back in time and making sure I'm born with it is a possibility.

I stopped by the store on Saturday afternoon on a whim, and ran into Doug, who used to work with me, but moved to Boston at the end of the summer. He was back in town for a couple of days, and playing a gig that night at The Fig Café in Jenkintown, along with another band that included some guys I knew through work, With Eyes Like Ours. So, that solved my "what to do with my Saturday evening off" dilemma. I went home, made chili, enjoyed a meal with some friends, then enjoyed a concert with those same friends. It was a great night, and the music was fantastic. I had heard Doug perform at the store many times before, but this was the first time I heard With Eyes Like Ours play with their full set-up, and I was really impressed. We're getting old, though, because we left partway through the third band, who were good and all, but we had church in the morning.

Oh yeah, church Sunday morning. See? I knew I would come up with things to say once I started writing. I officially became a member of my church on Sunday. And I sang in the choir, the alto part, which I am mentioning for my mother's sake, because she always sings alto. Jeremy even came for the service, because he knew how important the occasion was to me, and everyone hugged him sore after all the praying they have been doing for him, they were so happy to see him out and about. After church, we had the annual church meeting, at which I (and the other four new members) voted for the first time. So yeah, an exciting morning. Then, we had "pastor's soup" for lunch, which was surprisingly good considering that it was a potluck soup of all the various cans that people brought in to add to it. I only had a small bowl, though, because I was meeting some friends in the city for Indian food at Karma at two o'clock. Food and company were both fantastic.

So, I spent Sunday night unwinding and watching TV with my husband, and really haven't done much since then. There are plenty of things I should be doing, like laundry or baking pies for Thanksgiving, but I'm finding myself nursing a bit of a "too many days off in a row" cold, and don't seem to have much motivation for those things. Ah well, the urgent will get done, and perspective will take care of the rest.

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Jawndoejah said...

Supposed to be doing that nanowrimo thingy, I've written about 1000 words so far. Not gonna make it. Oh well. One woman I've been watching is, and her book is an insane emotional roller coaster about miscarriage. I thought I was going to get sick reading a part where she records a termination in detail from the woman's perspective as it's happening. Ugh.