Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Twenty-Three

This morning started with an all-family snuggle in the big bed. A pretty good start to any day. Then I went to karate class. After karate, I hung out with the girls for a while so Jeremy could work on stage two of his clothing project - putting everything on hangers in the closet. Then I took a BATH with a BOOK. And I SHAVED. It was lovely. (Until it was interrupted by a screaming baby with a nasty diaper that a certain parent who shall remain nameless didn't think to change.) Then Valerie and Dorothy and I finished up my bath together.

I decided that today's HADA project was gift cards. I'm terrible about spending gift cards. I know it's not considered classy to give cash, but gift cards are almost a burden to me. I had a Babies 'r Us gift card from my La Leche League friends, and a $10 off Kohl's coupon, and I also wanted to get a hair cut (okay, there was no gift card involved in that one, just over a year of hair neglect). So, I left the girls with Jer and his brother, and I went shopping. Dorothy was just going down for a nap when I left.

I went to Kohl's, and managed to find a $10 outfit for Dorothy, which I then paid $0 for. Then, since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by my favorite consignment store (where I bought nothing) and my favorite thrift store, where kids' clothes were 30% off today. I bought 12 things for the girls and 2 things for me, and a bunch of CF lightbulbs, all for $34.

Then I went to Babies 'r Us, and got two sleepers and five onesies for Dorothy, which were all on sale, and I only had to spend $9 more than the gift card. I'm not sure why I'm including all of the amounts I spent in this update, because it's not really relevant to HADA, but apparently, it's an important part of the narrative.

Then I got my hair cut, and just as I was driving home, Jeremy called to see when I would be home, because Dorothy had just woken up. So, I was gone for just shy of 3 hours, and Dorothy slept almost the entire time I was gone, I got almost everything on my "to get sometime" list, and spent all my gift cards. Errand win.

We played a few hands of cards, then we had dinner, then went to a family birthday party for dessert. After some yummy sundaes, we came home, and Valerie fell asleep in the car. Which is good, because we have to wake up an hour and a half earlier than usual tomorrow.

Day 23 tally: Solo bath with time for shaving and reading, 40 minutes + solo errands, 2 hours 50 minutes = 3.5 hours

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