Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Twenty-One

Well, I think today was technically another fail. I managed to get in about half an hour (sorting the too-little clothes and doing some laundry), but that's it. But I was at home for less than half the day, so that's still pretty good, right?

I made a deliberate choice to spend my morning "productive" time writing Dorothy's birthday letter today, because I didn't want to leave it until after Easter. I knew this would probably prevent me from getting my HADA time in, but that's how I decided to prioritize today. I took Valerie over to Nana's house at about 12:45, then took Dorothy to her six-month check-up at 1:30, then went back to Nana's and visited with the great-grandparents, who had just arrived from out of town. Then, after dinner, we went to the Maundy Thursday Tenebrae service at our church, then got home just in time to put the girls to bed. Phew. Suddenly, I'm quite impressed that I managed to get in any time at all. Hey, I showered, too, and I totally get bonus points for showering.

Jeremy has tomorrow off, so hopefully I can get a good solid stretch of cleaning in at some point. As per the rules of the game, "Don't give up. Missed a day? Just brush it off and get back on the proverbial horse the next day."

Day 21 tally: 30 minutes on sorting and laundry + lots and lots of minutes on stuff that I don't get to count

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