Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Days Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven

Yesterday was such a long day, I really couldn't tackle a blog post at the end of it all.

It started at 5:15 am again, with a poop explosion. Fun stuff. I had someone coming over at 10 am to drop off some donor milk for me to bring (along with some of my own) up to a baby who lives about an hour away. My plan was to stick her milk in the freezer with mine, then drop it all off next Tuesday on my way to Vermont/Ottawa. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

She was coming at 10, so rather than plopping down at my computer and wishing I was asleep, I got to work cleaning up my living room and dining room. I got Dorothy back to sleep at around 7, and by 8 I was ready to vacuum. This was a dilemma, because I was afraid the vacuum would wake the girls. But, since 8 is a reasonable time to wake up, I went ahead and vacuumed. Both girls did wake up, but I still managed to finish cleaning up the living room and dining room with them underfoot. We were planning on going to a park at 11, so I was feeling pretty good to have been so productive so early in the morning.

My friend came with the milk at 10, and she had a lot more milk than I was picturing. There was no way on earth it was going to fit in my freezer, even if I made a giant ground beef and broccoli sundae for lunch. So I quickly amended my day's plans, grabbed a cooler from the basement, and packed up for a mini-road trip.

We went to the park, met up with some friends, had a picnic lunch, and played for 2 hours.

Then we drove an hour north, dropped off the milk, and visited a bit with the baby who gets our milk (and her family).

Then, since we were already an hour north, we drove another 40 minutes north to visit my cousin. Valerie and her second cousin Nick really hit it off, and ran off playing together the whole time so Kristin and I could chat. The afternoon quickly slipped away, so my cousin threw some extra noodles in the pot so we could stay for dinner. Then we drove home (the ridiculously long way, since I was too tired to argue with the GPS), gave Valerie a snack, and sent her to bed.

Day 26 tally: 2 hours cleaning, 7 hours spontaneous road trip (not counting the park, which was the one thing originally on today's itinerary).

And today? Today I am very grateful that i didn't take Monday off after all, because I am taking today off.


jeremywakeman said...

I'm glad you are taking today off. You did a lot yesterday.

BTW, my word verification sounds like something D might be saying right now: adadula.

jd said...

I'm SO glad you went to visit Kristin! Nick is a fun kid, isn't he?