Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Seventeen

Today was Dorothy's dedication at the church, and I wasn't sure I would get any HADA stuff done today or not. I decided that I needed the morning to get ready for church calmly, rather than in our normal frenzied morning rush. I got the diaper bag packed, outfits set out (with back-up dedication outfits for Dorothy), and my breakfast eaten before Valerie woke up. That's my normal HADA time, but it was well-spent in this way. I even got to put on my french worship CD for a little while!

I actually had to wake Valerie up in order to get her ready in time. I always feel bad doing that, because I believe kids should be allowed to sleep until their bodies say they are done, but I also didn't want to bring an unbreakfasted, pajama-clad big sister to Dorothy's dedication. I was actually early for worship team practice today! Score!

It was a nice service (which will get its own picture post), and we stayed for a long time afterward chatting with people. Then we went over to Nana and PopPop's house for a few hours.

When we got home at about 4:30, Dorothy wasn't feeling very good, so I lay down with her to see if I could get her to sleep. We napped together for about an hour, and she was restless the whole time, then she threw up and fell fast asleep.

At this point, I wasn't sure I was going to manage to do my HADA, but I figured, if I got in half an hour yesterday, maybe I could get in a half hour today, and split the day off. So I went upstairs and started sorting the too-small-for-Valerie-but-too-big-for-Dorothy clothes. You know how I mentioned that one of the benefits of timing my activities was finding out how little time it takes to do some things? Well, the crappy downside is finding out how much time it takes to do other things. Like sorting outgrown clothes. It took me two days to sort five bags of hand-me-downs, and it took me over an hour today to sort three sizes worth of clothes. And I still have to sort through the too-small-for-Dorothy and too-big-for-Valerie stuff. I'm hoping to get to that stuff tomorrow, but it's bugging me how many days this "sorting of clothes" project is eating up, and I'm eager to get back to some of the projects with more immediately visible results.

Day 17 tally: 1 hour 20 minutes sorting clothes

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Maryalice said...

yeah...I have always accepted everything that was offered to me in clothing for the boys. I never had time to really go through and find out what I had and just shoved stuff into appropriately size marked totes. When I realized I had 2 totes of some sizes I finally had to start to sort. It took FOREVER and I found out I had way way too much stuff. The positive side is I've never had to buy clothes for the boys...