Friday, April 22, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Twenty-Two

I woke up a little bit cranky this morning. But it was Jeremy's day off, so we talked through the things I was irrationally annoyed about, then Jeremy got started on some of the projects I needed him to get out of my way. He made some pretty good headway, then I got Dorothy back to sleep. I didn't want to interrupt the flow of work by putting a sleeping baby in our room, so I put her down on the living room floor so she could sleep while we cleaned in the bedroom. Valerie slept in, and we got a lot done. Even after both girls were awake, they played happily together on the bed while we got more done. Then Valerie ate breakfast while we got some more done.

Morning tally:
Jeremy: Purged the bookshelves, sorted his too-many shirts
Jule Ann: Emptied the "desk clutter" box, emptied and organized the desk drawers, finished the too-small-for-Dorothy clothes sorting project. (Valerie's closet now has: 9 sorted and labeled boxes of too-small-for-D clothes, 4 sorted and labeled boxes of too-small-for-V clothes, and 4 unsorted boxes of too-big-for-V clothes. Yes, that's a lot of clothes. I'm just too cheap to say no to hand-me-downs, and we have a lot of generous family members.) I also got some laundry done (where on earth does all this laundry come from?) and cleaned a toilet, but those things don't count for HADA.

Did I mention that we did all this before noon? At noon we went over to Nana and PopPop's house. Valerie played outside with Trevor for a while, and Trevor and I made "resurrection rolls" (crescent rolls baked around a marshmallow, which disappears while baking, leaving a hollow "tomb" of a roll). Then all the cousins came over and we died eggs. We came home after dinner, and had tubby time. Dorothy got to join Valerie for part of tubby time today, because she had her first taste of solid food at dinner, so she was a bit messy. While Valerie was playing by herself in the tub, I spot-treated some muddy clothes, and, since she had decided to put ALL of the bath toys in the tub, I cleaned the floor underneath where the bath toys live. Then I rinsed off all the bath toys and lined them up to dry. Then I put in another load of wash, and I am folding the clean laundry from this morning.

Today is exactly what I needed. I feel pretty darned accomplished right now. And after I finish folding this load of laundry, I might even start uploading some of the hundreds of pictures we took today.

Day 22 tally: 2.5 hours doing morning projects + 20 minutes doing tubby time projects = 2 hours 50 minutes.


Anonymous said...

yay!!! awesome. I love days like that!
The last week for me was utterly exhausting. I was sick, and working was taking a toll on me. It's ever so hard to be a working mom. Thankfully my husband is great and does a lot of taking care of the baby.
Finally on Thursday, I had a pretty empty day, and baby was calm and let me get a lot done. I sorted and emptied 5 boxes of random stuff in the back room, stacked and moved things. Sorted the baby clothes into 3 piles: things too small, thing that fit now, and and things that don't fit yet. Did laundry of clothes in storage, so i can wear them again (they smelled like moth balls). I cleaned the tons of garbage and recycling in the living room away. I washed the sofa covers and moved the sofas out of the room. I swept and mopped the floor. I washed the windows. I put in new furniture. That was my tally for the day. It's a lot but it makes up for a week of missed days. :)

jd said...

Awesome, Jule Ann! Days like that should balance out the others.