Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: Day Twenty

I think I did an hour today, but it was in tiny increments throughout the day because the girls would. not. let me work. I got started on the too-small-for-Dorothy clothes sorting project, I weeded out an entire box of books for donation, I cleared off the rest of the top of my dresser, I put away some clean clothes that have been waiting to be put away for a while, I squeezed in a bit more blogging than usual, and when the sun came out, I took the girls outside for some vitamin D. Also, in the "things I accomplished that don't count for HADA" column, I did Dorothy's birthday photo shoot, ran a load of dishes, and cleaned the living room floor. Not bad, but not great. I really need another one of those days where I get to the end and go, "Holy cow, I accomplished a lot." "Yeah, I think I got in my hour," just doesn't have the same ring, and it doesn't have the same power over my mental state.

It's 10:30 and Dorothy is wide awake, giggling and talking and doing yoga on the living room floor. I hope she gets tired soon, because I would very much like to go to bed. I guess we will watch another episode of Glee after all.

Day 20 tally: 1 hour or so, I'm pretty sure.

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