Friday, April 04, 2014

Hour-a-Day April: Days Three and Four

I am very tired, so I'll make this short.

Day Three: Rough night, mom's group in the morning, spent all afternoon trying (and failing) to get a break. Finished fixing the printer. Managed to do a few dishes, ran a load of laundry, washed diapers. Finished my menu planning and made my grocery list. (Geeky aside: I used Google Drive to make my grocery list, and it worked out really well. I made a spreadsheet, and went through my menu, top to bottom, and just listed everything I would need in column a. If I came to a repeat item (like chicken breasts for a second recipe), I would go back up and change the quantity rather than adding another line item. Then, in column b, I put a single-letter code for each item - a (aisles), b (bakery), p (produce), f (freezer), d (dairy), m (meat). Then, when I was all done, I clicked on column b and sorted alphabetically, which then grouped all of the items together by section. Nerd win!) Pretty sure I got in my hour.

Day Four: Rough night, rough morning. Plans to clean the living room during John Wallace's morning nap thwarted by his stuffy nose and resulting refusal to nap. Finally threw in the towel and went shopping instead. Acquired all the groceries for my monthly menu, made a tasty dinner, only 45 minutes late. Re-sized the clean diapers for my growing boy, stuffed, folded and put them away (which is actually a big deal, since I usually just leave them in the dryer until I need it for something else, then dump them unceremoniously in the drawer and stuff them on demand). Definitely got in my hour.

Four days down, 26 to go!

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