Friday, April 25, 2014

Hour-a-Day April: Day 25

I was going to tackle the garden first thing this morning, but it was cold outside, and my baby was being very clingy, so I ended up spending most of the morning holding him. But once I got him down for a nap, it was GO time. I clock-watched for 30 minutes of dishes, which allowed me to empty the sink, fill the dishwasher, and fill/refill the dish drainer a few times. Then I turned on the dishwasher, and went outside to dig in the garden. I finished digging up the side section of the front yard, which has a little stone path, and was basically just overrun with weeds last year, that we weed-whacked occasionally to a lawn-like length. I put up a little wire fence, and transplanted our lettuce seedlings. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to water the seedlings recently, so they were pretty wilty. I gave them a good soaking, and it's supposed to rain tonight, so hopefully they will perk back up.

The kids were much less cooperative today. Dorothy kept getting freaked out by the wind, and when I was bringing the lettuce outside, she uprooted one of the spare tomato seedlings to "help" me, and she changed her outfit completely twice, which means that there's a decent chance a urine-soaked dress is waiting somewhere for me to find it. John Wallace woke up from his nap, and he was less willing to stay in his play house today. He kept crawling to the edge of the porch, and putting things in his mouth, and at one point, he tried to combine the two activities, and did a face plant off the side into the dirt. Then I decided, a bit too late, to bring the exersaucer out to the porch to keep him contained for a bit. It sorta-kinda worked, at least long enough for me to finish the lettuce. Not wanting to feel left out*, Valerie cut a hole in a screen window when she got home from school.
*I'm only guessing at her motivation.

I ordered pizza for dinner. I left this post unfinished all evening, hoping to go back and do some more dishes, but it didn't happen. Oh well, tomorrow, then.

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