Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hour-a-Day April: Days 26-29

These past four days have been a busy blur. I'm not going to even try to split them up and give them each their own paragraph. Suffice it to say that I put in my four hours, and then some, between these four days.

In semi-chronological order:

  • came down with a nasty cold
  • spent the morning holding a clingy baby
  • took Valerie to a birthday party
  • looked at a van we wanted to buy
  • dug up the side garden for planting
  • held a clingy baby some more
  • worked on the kitchen
  • cleaned off some of the cluttered surfaces in the kitchen
  • planted some seeds
  • cleaned up the porch
  • made ice cream
  • worked on the kitchen
  • held a clingy baby
  • went to a play date
  • went to the bank
  • spent over an hour on the phone figuring out new car insurance
  • bought a van
  • re-did the bathroom window privacy art with some cool new window markers
  • re-re-did the bathroom window privacy art with regular window crayons when a hot shower completely erased the new markers
  • cleaned and organized the craft corner (and threw out a whole trash bag full of old artwork and ruined supplies)
  • cleaned the appliance island
  • washed some more dishes
  • held a clingy baby a bit more when he fell and split his lip
  • (still feeling sick, by the way - just about coughed up a lung)
  • finished cleaning the kitchen! (just one shelf left to de-clutter)
  • fed the family a tasty dinner
  • washed every single dish as soon as we were done eating dinner
  • took a doorknob off our bedroom door to rescue Dorothy, who had locked herself in there
  • when that didn't work, climbed out onto the roof from the peaceful room window, and climbed across the roof in the rain to our bedroom window so that I could unlock it from the inside


But my kitchen is actually clean right now! Woohoo! I didn't really take a "before" picture, since it's been an ongoing project, but I might have an older photo somewhere that will give you a general idea of the pre-April state of the kitchen.

Ah, here we go, this is pretty close:

Table set for dinner tonight:

Craft corner (notice how the craft table is *not* covered in towering piles of dirty dishes?):

I can't believe there's only one day left in April! My HADA list has barely been touched, although I am really really happy to have at least crossed the kitchen off. Losing basically a whole week to Passover and Easter really hurt. Maybe I'll pretend April has a few extra days in it again this year...

Bonus Feature:

This is my "bathroom window privacy art." Which is really just a fancy way of saying, "I'm too cheap to buy fancy window treatments for my bathroom so I just draw on the window myself." And I use the word "art" very, very loosely.

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