Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hour-a-Day April: Day Two

Well, this morning didn't start out too great. The battery on my phone died while I was sleeping, so my alarm didn't go off in the morning. I had been up with the baby in the middle of the night, so once I managed to get to sleep, I didn't budge until I looked at the clock and saw 8:00. Yikes! Valerie's bus comes at 8:15. Fortunately, she had another half day today, so I didn't have to pack her a lunch. Still, not a very relaxing morning. She did make it to the bus, however.

I did make my tea and sit and take a few minutes to ease into my day. And once I got John Wallace down for his morning nap, I tackled the kitchen. It's really the last thing in the entire house that I want to be doing, which is why I forced myself to do it today. There is nothing more depressing than a seriously backlogged kitchen. But I plugged away for an hour, and managed to find the surface of my stove, which I then scrubbed clean. I still have a long way to go on the kitchen, but at least progress is being made.

I also did some laundry, and washed some the "less necessary" items, like throw blankets and pullovers.

Then we headed to Longwood Gardens for a few hours of fresh air and flowers. That place is truly awesome. PopPop had the day off today, so he joined us. I took lots of pictures.

Jer had to work some overtime tonight, so I took the kids to Chic-fil-A for dinner and some indoor playground time. There was some kind of fundraiser going on, so we got to meet the cow suit guy, and we won a free drink and milkshake. We stayed so long that Jeremy actually beat us home. It was a lot of fun!

My HADA goal for today (in addition to the dishes, which shouldn't really count, since I should have done them anyhow) was to make a menu for the month so I can go grocery shopping and have one less thing to worry about every day. I put together my list (with a little help from my Facebook friends), and I am almost done sorting it all into days, but I am getting very tired, and I think the rest of that task will have to wait until tomorrow.

Two days down, 28 to go. Woohoo!

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