Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hour-a-Day April: Days 19-22

Quick, summary post, so I can get to bed.

Day 19 (Easter Saturday): Did some dishes and laundry in the morning, went to the in-laws' around noon, forgot our dresses, so I had to go out and buy us Easter dresses and shoes, made ridiculous Easter bonnets for the girls. Day off, basically.

Day 20 (Easter Sunday): Church breakfast, church, back to in-laws', family party, egg hunt, home. Another day off of HADA, basically.

What's that? You want to see the ridiculous Easter bonnets? Okay.

Day 21 (Monday): Valerie stayed home from school, because she wasn't feeling well. We had a rough day. I spent the entire day trying to clean the living room, and it literally took all. day. (It should have been a 20 minute task, but, kids.) Nothing else got done. I was supposed to go buy a van in the evening, but the guy sold it to someone else, even though I had made arrangements to come look at it. That really bummed me out. I really dislike craigslist.

Day 22 (Tuesday): My phone died in my sleep AGAIN (one more thing I need to figure out - I'll add it to the list), so I overslept, and had to rush to get Valerie to the bus. Then I sat like a lump, sure that the rest of the day was going to be a wash. But I said something about my funk on our HADA Facebook group, received some encouragement and commiseration, and found a bit of energy somewhere to spend one hour cleaning the kitchen. I thought about what is the number one thing that upsets me about the kitchen right now, and decided that it was the floor. Stepping on crumbs, tripping over bags of half-emptied groceries. So I cleaned up the floor. I brought a small shelving unit in from the porch to put pantry items on (I was hoping to move things back into the pantry soon, but a rat got back in through our hole-blocking, so I need to do a little more work before I can use my pantry as a pantry again. One the bright side, I did catch the rat. Disposing of him was one of my kitchen tasks today, too.) Then I swept and mopped (and did a thorough, furniture-moving job of it).

That didn't take an hour, but I had promised myself I would do an hour, and then I could be a bum for the rest of the day, so I washed dishes and clock watched - waiting for the very second that I could stop. But I did my hour. I probably shouldn't count it because dishes should be a daily task, but I did because I knew that, if it weren't for HADA, I wouldn't have even done that. But, as it turns out, I didn't have to count that hour after all, because a little bit later, I went back and did another hour. Then I went back and did another hour, and made yummy pizza for dinner. The kids helped me, and then they dumped shredded cheese on my clean floor, but then I swept it up right away instead of leaving it to get stepped on. Then I went back and did another hour after dinner. I can't decide whether I am more proud that I managed four hours of kitchen cleaning today, or more depressed that even after four hours, it's still not done. But the whole sink area is clean, and the cupboards are full of clean dishes, and what remains to be done doesn't look impossible anymore.

22 days down, 8 to go!

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