Friday, April 11, 2014

Hour-a-Day April: Days 10 and 11

Day 10: This ended up being a day off. John Wallace woke up before I fell asleep for the night, and he never really slept the rest of the night - just dozed fitfully in arms. I traded off with Jeremy for about 2 hours, and that's all the sleep I got. And then he continued to cling desperately to me, and refused to nap, all. day. long. I did get the trash to the curb (several weeks worth of trash that was stockpiled on my porch), and we managed some outdoor time in the afternoon. But mostly, the day was a total wash. I went to bed at 6, and stayed there all night.

Day 11: I wasn't too optimistic about today. Even after spending 13 hours in bed (interrupted only by one bathroom break and a few side-lying nursing sessions), I still woke up tired. I called up a friend who had said she might come over today, but she wasn't able to after all. So, I decided I would probably fail at HADA today. But somehow, I didn't. I put one foot in front of the other, and things got done. I browned 5 pounds of ground beef that needed to be used and froze it in packages for later meals. I made muffins and bread. I discarded the kefir that had died in my cupboard from neglect and started a fresh batch. I washed a few sinkfuls of dishes, and filled and ran the dishwasher. I made dinner early, because JW was giving me a few rare minutes to myself, and I figured I should seize the moment (I was making potage, which is something I could leave on the stove and reheat at dinner time). Dorothy and I scrubbed the wagon clean so that we could take it to the bus stop with us to pick up Valerie. And then, because the rain that had been threatening to come all day still hadn't showed up, I took the kids to the park for an hour and a half.

Dinner was tasty, and the girls both ate two bowls of potage. Then I pulled out some brie and crescent roll dough I had been saving for a spontaneous treat, and I made a baked brie torte for dessert. After dinner, while the girls were in the bath, I moved the laundry around (carried the clean and folded clothes up to the guest room to sort, transferred the clean, wet clothes into the dryer, brought two loads of dirty clothes down from upstairs, and started another load in the washer). All in all, it was a pretty productive day!

11 days down, 19 to go!

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