Saturday, April 01, 2006

April First

When I arrived at work at 7:00 this morning, I suggested that it would be a great April Fool's Day joke to give everyone decaf instead of regular. My idea was heartily shot down, however, and I quickly forgot entirely about the holiday. (Aside: Don't worry, I wasn't really going to give people decaf instead of regular. It would have been much more fun to give regular to people who ordered decaf.)

I got home from work and fired up my laptop to check my blog rolls. The first blog I visited informed me that J.J. Abrams had issued a press release that ABC's Lost would be cancelled after the second season. After a moment of confused dismay, I remembered, "Oh yeah. April Fool's Day."

The internet is a dangerous place to be on April Fool's Day. Slashdot is infamous for running fake news stories all day, and I've grown to just assume that everything new I read on April 1 is probably fake. (When I remember the date, anyhow.) My personal favourite Slashdot April Fool's story this year is Slashdot Design Changes for Wider Appeal (pink and ponies to appeal more to pre-teen girls).

Oh, and have you visited Google Romance? Just enter what qualities you're looking for in a mate, and it will find you your perfect match (if one exists for you).


Anonymous said...

what's really dangerous is to put Daylight Savings Time on the same weekend as April Fool's. I thought my mom was joking when she said that I should switch my clock tonight...


Brian said...

My favourite was when Google announced Gmail (I think it was Gmail, anyways...) on April Fools' Day, and everyone thought it was a joke.