Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Very Full Day

Bank account opened: Check.

Speaking of checks, I got free checks because I work at Starbucks. That was pretty cool.

Worked for five hours, then headed to Jer's grandparents' house to dye eggs. After eggs, we played some backyard baseball, then headed to Target to purchase two identical black shirts for me to wear to work.

Came home, ate dinner, was pleased to discover that my purple dress from Dora's wedding still fit, curled my hair, and started towards Arcadia. Turned around, went home, got my glasses, then headed back to Arcadia.

It took us a while to find the right building, but we eventually got there just as the Overture was beginning. We really enjoyed the performance, even if the pick-up mikes didn't always pick up as much as their names would imply. Little Shop of Horrors is one of my favourite musicals, and the guy who played Seymour was fantastic. It was a little strange having a female voice for the plant, but she did a good job. If I wasn't so familiar with the play, it probably wouldn't have seemed so wrong to me, but I just kept wanting to hear a male voice.

I am really glad we went, though. I love theatre, and I will usually enjoy an okay live performance more than a good movie. Besides, I love supporting student productions, because they were once so much a part of my own life.

Headed to Cosi after the show for s'mores. It was fun to cook them ourselves at our table, and good ending to our night, even if Jeremy seemed to get the hang of roasting over a bunsen burner much quicker than I did. Why oh why did I have to forget my camera?

Came home and watched this week's episode of Lost, which had finally finished downloading (I had to work on Wednesday and Jeremy forgot to tape it for us). I felt very cheated that the download didn't include the "next week on Lost" preview at the end, however. I look forward to that almost as much as the actual show. Anyone want to tell me what the preview showed? I have some comments on the episode, but I'll stick them at the end, so that those who might be waiting to wade through a TiVo backlog won't hate me.

All in all, a very full day. Hard to believe we squeezed so many activities into 15 hours. Tomorrow will be almost as busy, so I should probably be thinking about bed. Seriously, why am I not in bed?

Lost spoilers below:

1. Kudos to Jon, who totally called that Eko and Charlie were building a church.
2. I don't like Bernard. What does Rose see in him?
3. I don't think Sayid appeared once in this episode, although Jack mentioned him briefly to Kate. Wonder what he's up to?
4. I liked Rose's comment about the difference between an errand and a fool's errand. I'm starting to believe the whole "type the code and push execute" thing really is just a mind game. It's driving Locke crazy, and the look on Henry's face seems to indicate that he is pleased with this outcome.
5. I knew Michael would be back! My personal theory is that he has become one of the others, but he will pretend that everything is normal so that he can infiltrate them à la Ethan. Because there is another pregnant woman to steal, now, and we all know how much the others love the pregnant women.

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Kate said...

Stay tuned for scenes showed Michael telling Kate and Jack that he knows where the others are and that they are barely armed.

response to your comments because I can't not respond.

1. What else could Eko possibly be so intent on building other than a church.
2. Bernard seems like a nice guy, if just a little overwrought. He loves her.
3. I love Sayid, he should be in every episode. EVERY ONE!
4. Henry and Locke...that situation could have some interesting outcomes.
5. I don't think that Michael is one of them...but I'm sure there are a lot of people who hold to that theory.