Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where was I in April?

One year ago (2005):

Living in Ottawa, Canada, working my butt off at a job that sucked the soul out of me. Starting to question whether or not I want to be a lawyer.

Two years ago (2004):

Living in Toronto, Canada, just finishing up law school and trying to figure out what to do next. Signing up for the bar admission courses because it is the next logical step.

Three years ago (2003):

Finishing up my second year of law school, frustrated that Jeremy's immigration had not yet come through and making plans to move to Philadelphia for the summer so that we could both earn an income for a few months.

Four years ago (2002):

Living in Fillmore, NY, working as an administrative assistant at Houghton College during my time off of law school. Thoroughly enjoying being back in Houghton and having the opportunity to act in The Comedy of Errors as part of the Shakespeare group I gave birth to when I was in college.

Five years ago (2001):

Living in Toronto, Canada, finishing up my first year of law school. Finalizing plans to take a year off of law school so that Jeremy could finish his last few courses at Houghton. Working out all of those last minute kinks for my wedding in June.

Six years ago (2000):

Finishing up my last semester at Houghton College. Actually, not quite finishing up my last semester at Houghton. I took "incompletes" in three courses that I actually had to finish up over the summer. Making plans with my family to visit my sister in Japan in May, and accepting a random job offer to work at a ranch in Colorado for the rest of the summer.

Seven years ago (1999):

A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Shakespeare Players occupied most of my second year at Houghton, and the second production, that I directed, produced, and acted in to fill in a few gaps, was my biggest triumph, and it took place in April. Also getting ready to embark on a summer of drama and counseling at various youth camps across the country with Dayspring.

Eight years ago (1998):

In London, England, finishing off a semester with the First-Year Honors Program through Houghton College. Making plans with Sarah and my then-boyfriend, Kris, to tour Europe for a few weeks after the semester ends. After I return, I will be working at a community center doing summer programs for high-risk youth.

Nine years ago (1997):

Living in Ottawa, Canada, in my parents' home for the last time as I finish up high school. Preparing to work at a church about an hour away as the children's pastor for the summer. Breaking up with my then-boyfriend, Kris, for the first (and less permanent) of two times.

Ten years ago (1996):

In high school, getting ready to work as a lifeguard for the summer at my church camp.


Kate said...

I had no idea you did the Honors Program! We're twins.

lisa b said...

I really enjoyed this post, it was like catching with the last ten years of your life in a nutshell...

Novac said...

I think you missed over half your life!