Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I want one of those foot soaker massager thingies

There really is no feeling like coming home good and tired and knowing that, doggone it, you EARNED every inch of this tired.

I just got off a six-hour shift at Starbucks. It was good, but it went late, because we had a whole bunch of people come in wanting Frappuccinos about 10 minutes before closing, so it took us a bit longer to do all the closing stuff we have to do before going home.

Before going in to Starbucks, I worked my first-ever day as a substitute teacher. It went really well, and I actually (dare I say it?) had fun. I hope I get another call soon.

Quote of the day:
"I would really respect you if you didn't make us do this assignment."
"I don't care..."
"...If you respect me."

I have tomorrow off, which is good, because I still have a fair amount of preparation to do for the messianic Passover Seder we are hosting at our church tomorrow evening. I'm doing a scaled down meal this year, so it shouldn't take me as long to cook as it did last year, but I'm still a little worried about a) a Passover brownies recipe I have never tried before and b) how to pre-make matzah ball soup without the matzah balls turning to mush.

(Aside: Our church has some heating issues, so I've decided not to use the kitchen, which is two floors down from the room we're eating in and unheated. So I need to bring the soup with me, and keep it hot in crockpots. I've already made the chicken and broth, and I'm hoping to make the soup in the morning, cook the matzah balls in it, then drain them off and add them back in to the broth in the crockpots right before the Seder starts. They'll still have to sit in the broth for a while that way, but not as long. If anyone has any experience with this, I would really appreciate your advice!)

If I get the chance tomorrow, I will post my charoset recipe, and I can also post my Haggadah if anyone is interested. Please comment here or email me at juleannwakeman at gmail dot com if you want a printable copy emailed to you.

You know what? I think I'm ready for bed. Good night!


Kate said...

I love the seder! I've only attended one in my whole life, but hope to attend or even host more in the future.

Rebecca said...

I'm a big fan of the foot-soaker thingies. I tried a friend's and found that it relaxed my ENTIRE i bought one. My husband was convinced I'd never use it. Well, HA to him :) I use it probably once a week. MMMMM.