Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Quiz Time!

I have a blister on my finger. It's not a burn blister, it's a friction blister. I don't think I've ever had that kind of blister on my finger before. It hurts, but I think I can redeem its existence with a game.

How did I get my blister?
(First person to guess the correct answer wins a prize. Prize is unlikely to have any monetary value.)


  1. Opening a jar with a tight lid

  2. Crocheting a shawl

  3. Stirring beans for dinner

  4. Playing Burnout3 on the XBox

  5. Opening a window

  6. Typing on my computer

  7. Checking the tops of doorframes for dust

  8. Riding my bicycle

  9. Writing with a fat pen

  10. Turning the pages of a book

  11. Zipping up the zipper on my jeans

  12. Taking a sharp corner with the car

  13. Channel surfing

  14. Playing basketball

  15. Finger painting

  16. I actually burnt it; I was lying about the friction thing to throw you off

  17. Pinched it on the chain of a swing

  18. Braiding my hair

  19. Hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock

  20. Picking my nose

Congratulations, Sarah. I did, in fact get a blister on my finger from stirring beans. I was using a wooden spoon to make refried beans, which requires a lot of stirring and smushing of beans until they make a paste. When I was almost done, I looked down to discover that I had stirred a blister right into my poor finger!
Sarah, your prize will be an entire blog post dedicated to you. (Just as soon as I figure out which Sarah it is.)


twilighttreader said...

I'm going with the nose-picking.

Kate said...

I'm going with the pinched in a swing chain!

jeremy said...


tim said...

i know you can't get enough of crocheting. i was going to say Burnout, also, but dutch beat me to the punch.

Jule Ann said...

No one's got it yet.
You may guess once every 12 hours.

Sarah said...


jon said...

zipping up your zipper, definitely.

Pellator said...

Yay I won!!!! Now if only i can win the dream house in the Guelph hospital lottery.....

And it's Sarah from Ottawa/Guelph, if you can't tell from my statement above. Maybe from now on I'll have to go by my work nickname.....