Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dooce's First Rule of Blogging

If I have learned nothing else from reading Dooce, I have learned the first rule of blogging, which is: Do not talk about your job on your website! I have learned other things from Dooce, such as tinfoil on the windows will keep the aliens away AND make your two-year-old sleep in, and no matter how funny you are, there will always be people who JUST DON'T GET IT. I also learned that typing in all-caps can be an effective way to emphasize a point. Those things are no doubt valuable, but the first rule might enable me to keep my job, so that's the one I'm writing about today.

I started my new job at Starbucks today. And I won't be talking about it here. Well, I might mention things about myself that are incidental to my job, like the fact that I am jittery at the moment from sampling so many caffeinated beverages today. But I won't be commenting about my co-workers or bosses or the corporation that employs me. In addition to Dooce's first rule of blogging, I will be abstaining from talking about my job because of Starbucks' media policy, which is that I am not to speak directly to the media for any reason, and the lawyer in me recognizes that anything I post publicly on a website is accessible to the media, and could even be construed as media itself. I know the New York Times reads my blog everyday looking for new scoops, so I just wanted to be upfront about that.

The end.


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Anonymous said...

Does Starbucks offically sanction the title "Coffee Wench" ?

Anonymous said...

Whoops!! Divinity student people probably don't use the word wench.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you have a relative work at Starbucks years ago in Atlanta?
Kicking back with a banana-cream-caramel Frappuccino.
Howie Shultz, NOT!