Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fun at a conservative seminary

The lunchroom at my seminary is a great place for lively theological discussion. Today, we had a fascinating conversation about the nature of the Trinity. That I killed.

"I wish we didn't use the name "God" for the Father. Technically, all three persons of the Trinity are God."

"I really just wish that there was a personal name for the Holy Spirit. You can call the Son Jesus, but what else can you call the Holy Spirit?"

"I just call her Jill."


Kate said...

If you knew Greek, you would know that the Holy Spirit is neuter... ;o)

Novac said...

Does Kate mean Jimmy the Greek?

Nicole said...

Orthodox Christianity is awfully nitpicky on these points. "God" means the whole Trinity, and the Father is the Father. Also, we have many names for the Holy Spirit, including "Heavenly King", "Comforter", "Spirit of Truth", and "Holy Immortal One".

Hey, are they going to teach you about the 7 Ecumenical Councils and the Church Fathers (no, I do not mean Luther, nor Aquinas, nor Augustine)?