Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Seven Months Old!


Dear Dorothy,

Well, you're seven months old, and the whirlwind of summer is upon us. Your monthly letter is 12 days late this month, and even your birthday photo shoot was 3 days late. I promise we've been busy with fun stuff, though. I'm behind on my blogging, too, so this letter is not only late, but it is also a cheat, because I'm going to dump all of my "what we've been doing this past month" stuff in here, too. There's also a decent chance I will abandon proper sentence structure and throw a bunch of fragments up here. Good thing you're too young to care.

First Easter.

Too interested in the world around you (and how to put parts of it into your mouth) to look at the camera.

You started solid foods this month, and you are absolutely loving it. You are adventurous with new foods, and while you might pass over the carrots for the broccoli at one meal, you'll pass over the broccoli for the carrots at the next. You are also proving to be extremely adept at picking things up and putting them in your mouth, which is awesome when I put awkwardly-shaped food in front of you (and less awesome when you find random things like rubber bands on the floor).


Backyard weather and sisterly love.


So close to crawling!


Road Trip!

We decided to break in our new minivan, and took a girls-only road trip (Daddy had to work).

We went to Vermont to visit my sister and her family. First time meeting your cousins N. and T.!


Then on to Ottawa, to visit Grandma and my brother's family. I'm sorry, I forgot to get a picture of you with your cousins A. and J. (Wasn't it thoughtful of my siblings to name all of their kids with different initials?)

Mother's Day with Grandma.


Babywearing in the tulips.


Then a quick stopover in Watertown to visit some of Mommy's friends from college. You got to meet Mikey, who is only 10 days older than you!


Then, I blinked, and the month was over. We went away to Camp Nerdly for the weekend the day you turned 7 months old, and I was too busy to do a photo shoot all weekend. When we got back, I had Jeremy hold you up in front of a tree, and quickly snapped a bunch of pictures. It may have been our most successful photo shoot ever, oddly enough, which makes me wonder if all the preparations I usually take are worth it. Or maybe we just got lucky. Either way, we got a whole bunch of really nice pictures, at least one of which will be going on the wall. The trouble will be picking just one.


Sorry for turning your birthday letter into a huge photo dump post. I probably could redeem it with a good, sappy concluding paragraph, but the real life you needs me right now, so I'm going to sign off. I love you, sweet baby.




jd said...

ditto the above...I keep forgetting to take off the censor!~!

jd said...

OK..this is so funny..didn't even publish my first one that I dittoed!! So what I said was that I love the photos, she's a sweet, sweet baby, and I love her!

CSX girls said...

aaaa she's so cute!love your blog!