Thursday, June 30, 2011


We went to the beach yesterday. It was our first time this year (and Dorothy's first time ever!) We had a lovely time, and I took precisely zero pictures, because I had my hands full enough with two little girls and all the gear that entails, and I didn't want to add an expensive-to-replace camera into the mix. I would have snapped a cell phone picture or two, but my battery was almost dead, and I figured I should save the battery for potentially urgent phone calls.

So, here are the pictures I didn't take:

Mama, with a baby on her back, dragging a laden stroller across the sand.

Dorothy, in her little blue hat and long-sleeved bathing suit (that still fit Valerie last summer), shoving a fistful of sand into her mouth the moment I set her down.

Valerie making a sand angel.

All three of us, sitting in the shallow water (sheltered from the waves by a sand dune), Valerie filling her buckets with wet sand.

Dorothy shoving fistfuls of mussel shells into her mouth, with Mama trying desperately to stop her.

Dorothy standing in the bucket so she can't reach any sand or shells, chewing on a bubble wand while Valerie fills the bucket with water until it overflows.

Mama building sand castles, and Valerie giggling hysterically as she smashes them flat.

Dorothy fast asleep in the shade.

Valerie sitting in the hole we dug, asking for more water, because the water sinks away almost instantly every time we fill it.

Naked 2.5-year-old screaming in the cold shower as I try to rinse her off.

Naked 8-month-old screaming in the cold shower as I try to rinse her off.

Two little girls fast asleep in their car seats as we pull up to the house.


jd said...

It's NOT Dorothy's first beach experience! Florida was! I love your descriptive "photos". I could clearly picture without a picture! I can't wait to go to the beach when I'm down!

Jule Ann said...

Oops, you're totally right! First time to the Jersey Shore, and first time in the Atlantic Ocean, though. (Florida was the Gulf of Mexico.)