Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hour-a-Day April: A Month Later

I got a lot of things done during my HADA month. But I got a lot more things not-quite-done. Then May was Crazy-Busy-Running-Around month (CBRAM!) and I barely kept up with fell completely behind on the everyday stuff, and the HADA projects were all but abandoned.

So here is where we stand as of today, on the bedroom and closet sorting projects, by way of annotated photographs:




The hallway and closet didn't fare too badly, actually. If I just made a massive Goodwill run, most of that would be taken care of. The bedroom, however, is a different story. Remember those pictures where you could actually see the floor? Sigh.

But, in spite of the seeming chaos, most of the unfinished projects in the bedroom are *almost* completed. That box of winter clothes? I just need to put a lid on it and move it downstairs. Those boxes of Christmas stuff? I need to shuffle things around a bit to make the lids close, but then they can go in the top of the closet. All those clean clothes (present in every picture) that need to be put away? That only takes a few minutes. So why don't I do them? Because whenever I have five minutes, there is always something else that more urgently needs my attention.

Maybe I'll do HADA again in August (which conveniently starts with the same letter as April, allowing me to use the same acronym), and focus on ACTUALLY FINISHING THINGS.

Speaking of finishing things, I may not have completed the projects themselves, but I totally completed my HADA goal of spending an hour every day on something I don't usually make time for. I think I still owe myself a gooey chocolate dessert.

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