Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I think she's signing!

This morning, Dorothy was sitting on my lap, and I noticed her opening and closing her hand. This is the sign we use for nursing, so I asked her if she wanted nursies. She gave me a big smile, latched on, and had a good, long feeding. She only ever nurses when she is actually hungry, so I was a little less willing to write it off as a coincidence as I was the first time Valerie signed at me (since Valerie would nurse at any and all opportunities). Still, I wasn't completely convinced.

Then, at lunch, I put her in her high chair with some turkey, and she kept eating it, and looking at me for more. After her fourth helping, when she was finally full, she looked up at me, smiled, and stuck both hands straight up in the air - which is almost the sign for "all done". She kept smiling as I cleaned her up and got her out of her seat.

By George, I think she's getting it!

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jd said...

Way to go Dorothy! And way to go to you, too! I see you got your blue belt!