Sunday, April 05, 2015

HADA 2015: Days 2-5

Okay, I am finally sitting down at the end of a whirlwind four days. The reason I started HADA early this year was that I knew I wouldn't get much done on Passov-easter weekend, and I didn't want to take so many days off so soon after starting. So, here we go, in point form again, for brevity:


  • Finalize seder shopping list
  • Get seder groceries
  • Hard-boil eggs for seder
  • Cook 9-pound brisket
  • Make 4 gallons of chicken broth
  • Park play date
  • Go out for dinner (house full of food, and nothing to eat...)
  • Make two desserts
  • Burn one of the desserts, and make it all over again


  • A whole bunch of Girl Scout paperwork I had been putting off, and thought I had more time for
  • Make 6 quarts of tzimmes
  • Make 10 pounds of dried fruit and kalamata chicken
  • Make potato kugel
  • Make a third dessert
  • Transport everything to the church
  • Slice brisket
  • Reheat everything
  • Make 7 pounds of charoset
  • Make 50 matzah balls
  • Passover Seder (everything was great!)
  • Foot washing


  • Matzo brei for breakfast
  • I actually don't remember anything about the rest of the morning, except that I was in recovery mode
  • Nap with the baby
  • Go to the DMV to get my new driver's license photo
  • Shopping for Easter bunny treasures
  • Leftovers for dinner
  • Actually managed a proper HADA hour cleaning the third floor play room, so the Easter Bunny would be able to hide eggs and baskets up there
  • Stuff eggs and set up Easter egg hunt


  • Supervise Easter egg hunting
  • Deal with ant situation that developed when some ants discovered the cookie-filled eggs
  • Get everyone dressed and out the door for church
  • Head to family Easter party an hour away
  • Head home
  • Not-leftovers for dinner (we'll be back to eating leftovers again tomorrow, but we wanted a little break)
  • Bath night for all three kids

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