Thursday, April 09, 2015

HADA 2015: Day 9

Today was my Girl Scout troop's badge ceremony. Which was totally fine, because all of the prep was already done, right? Oh yeah, except for that whole bunch of last minute things I forgot about. Oops. So, a good chunk of today was spent making permission forms for upcoming events, and then gathering things that each, individually, wouldn't take long to gather, but together... well, you get the picture.

Other than Girl Scout stuff, I had decided that I would focus a little more than half of my HADA energy today on daily things. Since I didn't get the dishes done after dinner last night, I cleaned the kitchen table this morning, and I did make sure to get the dishes all done during the day today, so that I would have a clean slate for dinner. And after the badge ceremony, I somehow scraped together enough energy to clean the table and wash the dinner dishes, so I will have a clean slate for BREAKFAST tomorrow. Exciting, I know.

My printer has been acting up lately, giving me paper jam errors after every page or two. So I flipped it over and cleaned off the rollers that grab the paper (and, over time, assorted lint), so I could print my permission forms. I'm not sure that should count, though, since, "Crap, I need this thing right now, I better fix it," is pretty much my M.O. already, but I am happy it is done, and my printer works properly again.

And, for good measure, I also cleaned up the living room while Jer was putting the kids to bed. So, pretty good on daily stuff today. I also managed to play some board games with Dorothy on the clean kitchen table while her brother napped. I'm always happy when I manage to fit quality time with my middle child into my day.

Bible reading isn't going so great. I think I lack the attention span for extended scripture reading at this particular time of my life. So, I decided to try a new tactic. I just wrote out a Bible verse on an index card, and stuck it by my computer. One verse. That's it. I'll read it several times a day, and let it simmer in my brain for a while. Maybe a narrower, more meditative focus, scattered throughout my day, will work better for me right now.

Oh yeah, I folded a couple loads of laundry, too. A very disjointed day, but pretty productive overall.

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