Thursday, April 02, 2015

HADA 2015: Day 1

(My inner nerd is a bit annoyed that today is Day 1, and yesterday was Day -1. That's a difference of 2! Where did the extra day go?)

Pretty productive day. My mom came to visit. She'll be here for a week. Yay!

I'm going to go with some point-form again today, because with my lengthy blog posts, Hour-a-Day April becomes more like a Two-Hour-a-Day April.

Today (meaning, yesterday, because I am a day late posting again), I:

  • Finished *almost* all the dishes again (but then my mom finished the rest, so they did get done!)
  • Cleared off and cleaned the top of the dishwasher (it now houses only the espresso machine, which I also cleaned)
  • Sorted and cleaned up the "sweep to" corner (do other people do that? Sweep all the crap from the kitchen floor into one corner, to sort through and pick out non-trash items, then sweep up the rest later?)
  • Organized the piles and piles and piles of clothes from the guest room so my mom would have somewhere to sleep (and a floor to walk across to get to the bed)
  • Organized all my Passover recipes and finalized my menu and ingredient list for Friday's seder
  • Folded another load of laundry
  • Made a double batch of meatballs (half for dinner, and half to freeze for later)
I might have done some other stuff, too, but that's more than my hour, right there. And now, since this blog has been very word-heavy recently, some before/after pictures!

Guest room, before:

Guest room, after:

Bonus Picture of Valerie's special lunch (chocolate fondue, chips, and a hard-boiled egg named Eggby who came back home again because he was "too cute to eat"):

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