Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where did Jule Ann go?

What bad blogging form. I disappeared for several days without so much as a "Well, I'm off to Buffalo for the long weekend, see you on Tuesday!" Sorry about that.

It only really came together on Friday night, and I guess I was afraid to say something in case it didn't happen. I didn't want to admit how excited I was about the possibility of a weekend away for fear that I would be that much more disappointed if it didn't end up happening.

A friend of mine who lives nearby had told me he was going to Wellsville for the long weekend, and I asked if I could come along for the ride. Wellsville is about 5-6 hours away from here, and about 1-2 hours from people that I know in Buffalo or Rochester. But that extra hour or two meant making connections on that end of things as well, and I foolishly depended on email to make those contacts when a simple phone call on Friday night finally settled everything.

Jon and I left relatively early on Saturday morning (well, early for us, but morning people and parents would scoff, I know). We hit a couple of really bad patches of traffic, which sparked an interesting debate concerning why it is human nature to demand to know the reason for things that appear out of the ordinary. It doesn't get us there any faster if we know that the traffic is being caused by an accident or long weekend skiers or simply random traffic (which may or may not exist, depending on whose side of the debate you choose to believe), but we still somehow feel better knowing the reason why. <-- This is me rambling. How did Jon put up with six hours in the car of that, I ask you?

Dora came and picked me up at the truck stop with her two boys, Sebastian (4 1/2) and Dylan (7 months). The next two days were filled with all the things that fill the life of a family with two small children, including what seemed like hours of a game in which Sebastian and I would pretend to sleep and take turns recounting the dreams that we imagined we had. As an experiment, I decided that I would continue to play the dream game for as long as Sebastian would last. He never did tire of it, although the game was called on account of dinner, so we may never know if I could have outlasted him or not.

Scott came home Saturday night from a men's retreat, and it was fun to surprise him. Dora had told him that someone was coming to visit, but she hadn't told him who. We had a nice long chat about blogging software and all of the wonderful plug-ins that WordPress has that Blogger does not. I like Blogger so far, but there really is so much more that I could be doing with my blog. Maybe someday...

Church on Sunday was neat, because I got to see a couple of friends from Houghton that I hadn't seen in a while. One of my friends from the Shakespeare players is leaving for Central Asia in the fall, which is very cool. All in all, a very good time.

Jon and Eli picked me up on Sunday night to go to the Anchor Bar. Soooo good! (Yes, Jon, I did say that with a Teen Girl Squad accent.) You really have not had Buffalo wings until you have had them at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. Sadly, it was a Sunday night, so we didn't get to hear the funnest jazz in the world with Dodo Green. But the wings were still tasty without the jazz.

On Monday, Dora drove me back to the truck stop at noon, and we said goodbye. It was a really good weekend with Dora and Scott, and even if there is only a sliver of a possibility that they might move to Philly, the idea has me really excited. It's so good to be able to reconnect with old friends like that.

And, lucky for Jon, I had been up until 3 am talking to Dora on Sunday night, so I slept for part of the trip home.

P.S. For those of you who may want to comment on my blog, I wanted to let you to know that I set this account up so that you don't need a blogger account to comment. So feel free to give me feedback if you so desire.


Sarah said...

Glad you're back to blogging. Weekend roadtrips make life especially worth living. I can't help but imagine that your friend Dora looks just like "Dora The Explorer." Must turn off the Disney channel before it rots my brain!

Jule Ann said...

She does look like Dora the Explorer!
Dora and Sebastian