Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Because God has a sense of humour, too

Two months of looking for jobs, and not a word from a single employer, other than the occasional, "Thank you for your resume, but we don't want you." Then, the same day I decide to go to seminary, two interview offers.

Har de har har.

P.S. Actually, while I find this frustrating, I also find it encouraging. This isn't the first time that other eggs started to hatch only after I finally made a decision I was confident about. It's like God is telling me, "They wanted you, but I made them all wait until you were doing what I wanted you to do."

I spent over a year trying to join the army before I went away to college. I had done all the entrance tests, physicals, etc. I passed everything with flying colors, and they gave me a list of jobs that I could potentially have within the army, and my list was just the master list with nothing crossed off. But I never made it to basic training. The first time, it was because training had already started when I finished my tests. The next time, they called me after I had already taken a summer job at a day camp, and the last time they called, I was already packing my stuff to go to Houghton, and I told them not to bother calling again. I can't imagine how different my life would have been if I had joined the army. It's nice to know they wanted me, but I am glad I went to Houghton.


twilighttreader said...

Well, you'd be in Iraq, without any body or vehicle armor.

Mollie said...

Hey - thanks for the offer of help tomorrow, but we found somebody in the city to give us a ride. Appreciate it, tho. Hope you're well.

Jule Ann said...

You know, i don't even think the Canadians are in Iraq. Last time I checked, we were still cleaning up the mess in Afganistan. Besides, I would have made the army send me to law school, and, as much as the rest of the world might want them there, I don't think many lawyers end up on the front lines.

I'm glad something worked out for you guys! I am so beat from my first 2 days of class, and I am really looking forward to a day off tomorrow.